Cooperative Market, Karachi

For college students and hobbyists who love to play with electronics, the most popular place to get themselves armed is the Cooperative Market. Located in Saddar (one of the oldest parts of Karachi), this place can provide everything from discrete components to ready made systems. The market also provides services such as PCB etching and soldering. Finding the right shops can be a bit of a problem for starters.

It is quite possible that you won’t be able to get exactly what you want (unless it’s a large order) and you’ll have to make compromises regarding the components. In case you are looking for specialized boards or programmers, it is a good idea to search the web.

The market is close to Bandar Road (officially M.A. Jinnah Road) which ends at the Karachi Port or “Bandar Gah.” It is right next to St. Andrew’s Church (or the Scottish Church.)

As with the rest of t he Saddar area, traffic jams are common. Saddar area is in a great need of a good Mass Transportation System.